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How PIP Works

PIPbn utilises cutting edge communication products to help members grow their businesses.

A member can join PIPbn via a group and benefit from the additional connections and the referrals and business opportunities that this will bring

They can also use the software suite to grow their own businesses. The PiP toolkit increases sales, productivity, customer retention, training, business scope and does so much more:

The Software Tools

A Website Presentation Room

Has so many uses for presenting to clients, customers, using as your own “TV Shopping Channel” like QVC (Using the video & screen share) linking to social media etc.

It provides a unique and personal touch to your businesses approach to Customer Service and it makes you stand out and different from your competitors

A video postcard that you can send out to your clients:

A Website Communication facility

Which goes onto your website

A Smart-Phone & Tablet Application

With over 50% of the internet usage being on tablets and smart phones. This is a fantastic communication tool it has many uses. Not least being able to collect a testimonial “live” with your client. This is then uploaded to your website. It generates more business as people can see your business has many happy customers

The products can be *purchased* individually or as a suite of products at a retail cost of over $150 per month

*The PIPbn organisational structure also allows for the software suite to be purchased at a wholesale price of $59 per month and having the potential to not only pay for themselves but to produce a substantial additional income stream

Video Animations

PIPbn revolves around Video and Communications