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Membership Levels

Level 1

Free Membership

that is open to ALL business types.

This can be a conventional “Store Front” , Trades type, Service type, Online , Work from Home,  MLM / Network Marketing Business etc

So why not take advantage of having your free entry it can be found online and can generate business for you

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Level 2

Cost is £50 per year for

Exclusivity of Your chosen Business Category for ONE Meeting Group. These members get  Level One benefits

PLUS more detailed profile. Photo/Logo, contact details and are able to post to Noticeboard

** see noticeboard timelapse below

PLUS get exclusivity of their Business type in that location

Example: There are already 7 Level 1 (FREE) Plumber entries in “Sutton Coldfield”

Number 8 wants to register and pays his £50 or £75 or £100 for Exclusivity

This action results in all the other FREE entries being withdrawn from view.

It gives the paid member exclusivity in that group location

PLUS get the chance to participate in live business networking webinars in virtual conference room the meetings are each 2 weeks. Same day at same time.

The meetings will allow a 3 minute slot for presentation of their business, on a rotor basis, to audience plus a Q&A session by webinar participants. The target would be 26 meetings per year.

PLUS will be able to make connections and develop relationships to get referral business

This will lead to one to one meeting on a face to face basis to get to know more about the other members and what they do and visa versa.

This increases the exclusivity aspect as that person becomes the “go to” person for that business with all the members of that group. Other members will be keeping their eyes and ears open as they go about their daily business to listen for opportunities that can be referred to other members in the group

If a location is selected where there is not yet a live group register your business and contact HQ of PIPbn via site.

Active means a core of 10 members to launch with a webinar controller for that group

Membership will commence for all members from date of launch or 12 months from joining a live group / group going live.

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Level 3

Cost is £75 per year

Same benefits as Level 2 with Exclusivity of Business Category for THREE Meeting Groups and attend THREE Live Group Business \Networking Meetings. The target would be 78 meetings per year.

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Level 4

Cost is £100 per year

Same benefits as Level 2 with Exclusivity of Business Category for FIVE Meeting Groups and attend FIVE Live Group Business \Networking Meetings. The target would be 130 meetings per year.

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