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Premier Internet Partnerships Business Network – Terms & Conditions

For the purpose of these Terms & Conditions Premier Internet Partnerships Business Network shall be referred to as PIPbn.

PIPbn welcome to the site and would point out that by using the site you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions.  If you do not agree with being bound by these terms and conditions, then please do not use the site.

If you have any issue with navigating around the site or wish to request additional information regarding the site the please complete the contact box to submit a request for assistance.

Site definitions
Where terms are used they mean the following:
Terms & Conditions mean the terms under which the site operates
PIPbn means Premier Internet Partnerships Business Network
Personal Information means the information that you supplied when registering on the site
Members means the members using the site
Website / site means the website operated by PIPbn
Global means in any country where trade is allowed
REFERENCE:  https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sanctions-embargoes-and-restrictions
You means you the person using PIPbn
Cookies means files which are placed on your computer when using the site
User means a person using PIPbn

All documents, materials that are downloaded through the site will remain the proprietary property of PIPbn

Any attempt to use this material without the permission of PIPbn will be prohibited and be in violation of copyright laws

Members may use material from the site on the basis that the copyright notice appears on all copies that are used.

No Logo, Graphic, sound or image may be used or transmitted without first obtaining permission from PIPbn

PIPbn is a Trademark of Premier Internet Partnerships Business Network

PIPbn site usage

Using this site means you accept and will act and operate in accordance with the terms and conditions

Group Meetings
Group meetings are to be facilitated by a Group Controller who will be responsible for the running of the group and all included administration to enable operation of the meetings

Each Group Controller is individually responsible for running their own meetings

There will be 4 x 5 minute Presentation slots. Members will be given on a fair rotational basis the opportunity to present and showcase their business by using:
Power point presentation
You Tube video
Screen Share
Whiteboard / Flip Chart facility

The presentations will be agreed in advance with the Group Controller who will make the necessary arrangements for the presentation medium to be organised

There shall be one business type as a permanent member of any group eg: One Plumber, One Solicitor, One Accountants

It is at the Group Controllers discretion if a visitor can attend a meetings

Members shall be allowed to visit any other group in any other location within PIPbn
with the permission of the Group Controller of that meeting being gained in advance

The member attending the meeting shall be the person who is registered with PIPbn

Guests and Visitors
It is encouraged to introduce people to the PIPbn

It can be financially rewarding to grow the PIPbn (see site section)

To obtain access please contact the Group Controller for the meeting that you wish to attend.

A guest or visitor can attend on 2 occasions before making a decision on whether to join PIPbn

When attending a meeting all guests and visitors will enter their first Name with a G or V
followed by their Business type in the Second name box

Membership Payments
Membership Payment shall  be via the payment portal on this site. This is the only acceptable method of payments

Membership payments will be process and acknowledged to the member by email as soon as possible

Membership shall be for one calender year from entry

Membership renewal reminder shall be sent 30 days prior to expiry of membership

Membership to PIPbn is paid for by Pay pal. Pay pal. handle our debit and credit card transactions. They receive the information given by you in order to verify and process your payment.

Membership of the PIPbn site is non transferable

If a member wishes to change the Business Category under which they are registered , they must first contact PIPbn HQ via the contact box on the site. PIPbn reserves the right to accept or deny the request dependent upon existing membership of the group at the time. PIPbn reserves the right to make an additional administration charge equivalent to
current annual membership fee.

Once payment made, no cancellation or refund is possible

As registration is made online, you the member hereby confirm:

the details you have given are true and correct
you will keep them accurate and updated
it is your responsibility to advise and update PIPbn administration by email or by using the message contact facility on the site
you permit PIPbn to update you with service and administration updates
your use of the PIPbn website does not violate these Terms and Conditions or make any breach to any applicable law
you are responsible for information entered and your password security
any information that you upload to the site you have the rights to promote, a licence or written permission from the owner to use the information
you will not post any information or use the site in any way that could be deemed to be illegal, inaccurate, obscene, or threatening
you agree not to represent any other person or organisation falsely or to impersonate another person or entity or a trading name or style that you are not authorised to use
will not post  or load to the site content which would be deemed as spam, junk posts or links that contain any virus
Administration department at PIPbn reserve the right to remove any content without reference to the originating source if it is believed that this has done.

Alteration, Restriction, Suspension, Termination
PIPbn may at any time, for any reason and without notifying you prevent or deny you access to the site and the services operated on the site

PIPbn may remove or alter any content without prior notice for any reason. The IP address from which the content was posted will be recorded

There will be no refund of any money paid for membership under any circumstances

If you provide information that is inaccurate, false , untrue , not current then we reserve the right to suspend, remove your information. Any such information may be retained for further review after deletion.

Excluding Liability and Indemnity
All members that use the PIPbn website use it at their own risk

Where interaction with other members takes place, each member is responsible for their own actions

PIPbn has no responsibility and disclaims all liability whatsoever whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) if as a result of or if connected with the PIPbn website.
This shall cover aspects of indirect or consequential loss, economic loss, any affect on goodwill and reputation and not excluding any other indirect loss

PIPbn accepts no responsibility for loss or damage sustained either directly or indirectly when using the site. This includes aspects of
any technical failure where the site is non operational
with any members you meet as a result of using the site
as a result of joining or attending any meeting initiated by the website
any arrangements, business relationships, agreements or contracts entered into as a result of connecting through site
loss of goodwill or reputation
any special direct or indirect losses
your implied agreement in using the site confirms that you fully agree to indemnify PIPbn, its directors, employees, agents, suppliers in full against any claims, loss, damage, liabilities, costs or expenses incurred by the member in using the site or by use by any other person accessing the PIPbn site using your account or personal information

PIPbn makes no statement or warranty that the site will fully satisfy your requirements or that service will be continuous and uninterrupted, error free, free from bugs.

PIPbn will not be held responsible for any loss incurred due to material or content uploaded or transmitted through the site.

PIPbn reserves the right to change, amend, update these Terms and Conditions from time to time and the new terms will then be uploaded to the site

PIPbn aims to increase the experience and value gained by using the site. There may be links to other resources located on external sites. You decide if you wish to access them.

PIPbn are not responsible for accessibility or availability of any external sites and do not recommend or endorse them and are not responsible or liable indirectly or directly for:

The content, services, advertising or products of these external sites

The privacy of such websites

Social Media Links
PIPbn will promote the operation of its site through accepted means of Social Media

and any other platform that PIPbn feels appropriate in order to extend its membership

Premier Income Plan
PIPbn is a totally separate entity to Premier Income Plan.

PIPbn uses the technology available from Hyphen Tech to facilitate the Group Webinar Meetings that will operate as promoted by PIPbn

Any technical difficulty which prevent a webinar from being operated is not the responsibility of PIPbn

PIPbn has no responsibility and disclaims all liability whatsoever whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) if as a result of or if connected with the PIPbn website.
This shall cover aspects of indirect or consequential loss, economic loss, any affect on goodwill and reputation and not excluding any other indirect loss

All meeting will be run in accordance with the schedule set up by the Group Controller of the meeting

PIPbn site uses Cookies to keep track of site browsing. Cookies are small files placed upon your web site to enable efficient web browsing of sites

All information that you provide in registration is openly displayed upon your profile page and is for public review

Payment information to pay for subscription is secure based upon the external payment facility operated by PayPal.

PIPbn cannot be liable for any security lapse or breach by its payment collector PayPal

Any details of user information is held in accordance with guidance from the Information Commissioners Office and is used for the purpose of administration and promotion on the PIPbn site.

Jurisdiction and Law
The content in these terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Laws of England and you irrevocably agree to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England

No comment or inclusion of reference is made to the laws applicable in any other country outside of England.

All contact made with PIPbn will be via the contact / communication box located on the relevant pages of the PIPbn. Response to requests made will be as soon as possible.

It is suggested that you regularly check for updates and changes made to the terms and conditions that apply to the PIPbn site

PIPbn T&C June 2016 V1